How a Laptop Repairs Company in Sydney Sparked My Interest in Computer Science

I’m pretty clueless when it comes to maintaining and repairing my own computer, or at least I’ve been running into issues with my laptop that I wasn’t able to solve with my limited knowledge. Another one of my many New Year’s resolutions is to get better at understanding the technology I use on a daily basis. I have basic computer literacy, and I thought I was an expert for being able to install an operating system on a formatted hard drive, but it appears I was very wrong about that. I don’t really want to be a walking stereotype—the woman who can’t repair her own tech—so I’m committed to getting better about this particular aspect of my life.

Even an aspiring computer wiz like me sometimes needs help, so I had to get in touch with Anthony from ADIT Computer Services, a laptop repairs Sydney specialist catering to both businesses and residences, “It’s no problem,” Anthony told me over the phone, “We’ll take a look at it and get it fixed.”

What’s more is that Anthony didn’t just fix the problem, but he also explained everything to me step-by-step when he was fixing it, as I told him I was interested in learning more. It turned out to be an issue with the hard drive, which was why all of my files were disappearing. When I was getting photos ready for one of my travel blog posts, I noticed everything was acting strange and some of the photos were corrupted as I uploaded them to WordPress, “This is normal for a case of hard drive failure. We can replace it easily.” Anthony also threw in a performance tune-up and removed some of the lingering crapware running in the background processes on my PC, which was great. Everything works like a charm now.

I’ll start by learning more about how to keep my PC in good working order, but I think I’ll also get into coding. Apparently, Python is a good place to start with programming (or in this case, scripting) before moving onto C, which is a good language to learn as well if my sources are correct. It wasn’t all that expensive to get the problem with my hard drive fixed, and it ended up fanning the flames of my passion for finding out more about computer science, which is something I’ve neglected since taking a beginner computer science course in university that went right over my head.

The moral of the story is: expect the unexpected. I never thought that calling a tech support professional would lead me back into the world of computer science learning, but it did. And now, my readers get to witness as I pursue yet another goal—and probably fail! I’ll keep on, though!

If you have any tips for me, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me at any of my social profiles or on the blog itself through the contact section. I’d love to talk to other people who are in the middle of learning more about computers, or who have already learned a substantial amount about them.

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