Learning about Solar Panels and Green Energy from CFP Industries

I’ve been thinking a lot about alternative energy lately, mostly because I watched some scary TED talks on the environment. Until the last few months, I never really thought all that much about climate change. With all of the strange weather events occurring lately, it’s pretty clear that the world is not going in a good direction when it comes to our climate. Luckily, there are things individuals can do to reduce their carbon footprint and also save money in the process.

I’ve decided to investigate ways that I can change my lifestyle in small, simple ways in order to reduce my negative impact on the environment. Surprisingly, you can save quite a bit of money as well by changing your lifestyle around to be more green-friendly.

I spoke to a local provider of solar panels. James from CFP Industries had this to say about green technology: “Solar panels are a really simple way for people to save a lot of money every year,” He elaborated further, “While it’s a fairly good chunk in terms of initial investment, you get repaid multiple times over when you see how much money you’ll save by going solar. It really helps your home run more efficiently.”

Aside from looking into different solar energy options, I’m also looking at ways to reduce water usage. In the long-term, I’d like to start my own garden up and get into compost, and there’s a ton of literature out there in the forms of books, online guides, and comprehensive Reddit posts. It’s pretty amazing how much information there is out there on the Internet about just about everything. I could theoretically look up a guide on how to fix just about anything my home, barring electrical or something that really requires a high level of expertise for safety.

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